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Artist Resume

Jonathan Kendall


2018 Georgina Cole Library Selection of Digital Artwork on Display


Juried Exhibitions

2013 Penn Foundation art show 2nd Place

2014 Penn Foundation art show at Indian Valley Public Library 1st Place

2017 Chico Art Center National Juried Exhibition

2018 Fallbrook Art Center Guild Show

2018 Ventura Community Memorial Hospital - The Sky's the Limit Juried Show

2018 Cannon Art Gallery Juried Biennial 



Northern Virginia Community College Annandale VA

Montgomery Community College Montgomery PA

American University Washington DC

Degree Completed: NA

Artist Statement

I started making art therapeutically. Art creates an experience that points at that which isn't able to be expressed in any concept. I may be able to talk about the art I do. However the experience of creation like other experiences cannot be summed up in any way that fully represents what happens as the art is worked on. Art is just one way to be. How I am being during the creation of the art is what I am after in all moments. All experience is after a way of being.I am working on a way to be which would facilitate fulfillment. Each piece of art that I do is a result of a particular state of being in the moment.

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