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Let's Get Uncomfortable

Can we come to a degree of authenticity about the nature of human beings, which will impact how we live in an effective way? Essential issues for human beings occur in ordinary life. Authenticity looks like a profound recognition of the uncomfortable insight that we have no authenticity. This insight enables us to start looking at a question, and then posing that question as a place to be. From that place we look out into our lives and certain insights occur. First let’s put aside our disciplines and our preexisting notions. We are not looking for answers. This is will be work because there is a superstition which has to be named for what it is and this superstition begins to reveal our nature. We find our inauthenticity has us being right and/or making others wrong. Moving forward with the inquiry into human nature will impact our everyday being. It will impact our relationships and the way we show up to others. Questions about human nature have been touched on by people from long ago all the way up to the present. As of the 1970s, transformation was a new invention. Transformation is an inquiry into our own being that is asked in the domain of being.

This is not history, philosophy, theology or any discipline. We are inquiring into the nature of human beings. Normally when we seek to improve some part of our lives, we pose questions and look for the correct answers. In transformation, however, the inquiry isn't designed for answers. We will not be made better or be left improved by transformation. There are no prescriptions or solutions here. We find insights that show up like a freedom or empowerment from which to live life. We have a sense of freedom, a new opening from which to live for our work, relationships, creativity, and all our endeavors. Expect no answers, not even a pleasant time. We are breaking open our superstitious relationship to what we identify with. When we reach a degree of authenticity about our inauthenticity, we will resist the breaking down. A space arises during the inquiry, a space like a clearing. This clearing that forms during the inquiry has us becoming increasingly aware of, and immersed in, the disintegration of that which we identify with. Without our standard way of identifying, we then see our lack of authenticity. We are uncomfortable because the inquiry will quickly destroy the “I” that we see ourselves as being in the statements “I think” or “I am.” This destruction will assist in creating some space for us to be in.

Many of us are successful. We are proud of what we know and we are proud of our accomplishments. We got there by getting answers to well-designed questions which we posed to find solutions to the problems we encountered. What we know already, we use to design/ask questions to which we will hopefully find answers. Those answers will improve our position and move us forward in some type of useful way. This getting answers to what we don’t know won’t get us far because transformation will reveal to us what we don’t know, that we don’t know. This extra difference between what we know and what we cant find out by asking is a big deal. We can’t see that we are blind to these insights. Transformation is about posing a question so that we can look out from a space; this is a space which is a question to look out from. Life moves forward while you are looking out from this space and insights occur revealing the nature of being for human beings and also yourself. The very nature of looking out from this question will disrupt who you consider yourself to be, like who you identify with (i.e. who you consider it is that you are).

This is not a pursuit of truth. This is not about answers and it will not leave us improved, better, or in an enhanced strategic position. Belief is not required. We are not awoke to some improved version of ourselves by believing specific ideas. We need not depend on knowing this information in order to be better in some way. It is not about what you believe and it is not about what I believe. This isn’t some special information which someone else knows that others don’t. What is being said is meant to try out, and we are to create a space from which to look. In this space we pose a question. We go about our everyday lives looking from this space and see what insights show up. What shows up for those of us who do this honestly is a freedom to live from. We don’t find a justification for being correct. If we are using something as justification of our stance in order to look good or be right, then we missed the point entirely.

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