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Who are we? Who am I? Who are you?

I was wondering if there was anything I could identify with that wouldn't be a superstition? I posed this question as a clearing to be in, and these are insights which occurred, useful or not.

Who are we? We are the context in which we show up.

Who am I? I am the context in which I show up.

Who are you? You are the context in which you show up.

If it isn't useful to identify in the I who I think I am then what or who can I identify with (if anything at all)? What is beneficial / useful to identify with? Context is that which is beneficial to identify with especially the context we show up in. Right now we are showing up. I show up in my life, dreams and anywhere else I find myself being. I am not the I in "I think" but rather I am being the context in which the thought "I think" occurs... maybe. I listen over and over and different thoughts occur, very useful but I am not always producing useful or "correct" thinking about this. Its best to be in the clearing and look out from there.

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